2018 ACT Writer in Residence

In 2018 I was ACT Writer in Residence, a joint initiative of the ACT Writers’ Centre and the University of New South Wales, Canberra. I spent the month of September living in the beautiful Gorman Arts Centre in Ainslie Avenue and working on my new book - Burnt Angels: The underwar - at UNSW Canberra.


The Economist and Double Entry

In September 2012 following the publication of Double Entry in the UK and Europe, I visited the offices of The Economist for this interview. I spoke about the origins of modern accounting in northern Italy and the Renaissance mathematician - Fra Luca Pacioli - who published the world's first printed treatise on double-entry bookkeeping in 1494 in Venice. You can also listen to the interview here.


The Wheeler Centre

In a talk called ‘Monks, maths and magic’, I spoke at the Wheeler Centre about the Renaissance friar Luca Pacioli who wrote Europe’s first encyclopaedia of mathematics, as well as a book of magic, games and jokes with his friend Leonardo da Vinci. Pacioli’s encyclopaedia contained the first printed treatise on double-entry bookkeeping, which today underpins the global economy. I argue that double entry’s shortcomings - it fails to account for the living systems of the earth - make its dominance today deeply problematic.

Big Ideas: Paul Barclay interviews Jane Gleeson-White

An international movement has begun in the finance world, and a few innovative global companies are starting to look at how nature and society can be included in their bottom line. Accounting historian Jane Gleeson-White on the revolution starting to take place in boardrooms, and how it could transform the global economy.

SWF 2013: Australian Writers’ Centre

In the sunshine of the 2013 Sydney Writers’ Festival I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Danielle Williams of the Australian Writers’ Centre. Our conversation ranged from accounting to literature to advice I’d give to other writers.